Niles A. (7/12/2017)
Professional. Results driven. Affordable. Steve is simply the MAN! My wife and I wanted to buy a house. That was the goal. Through his system, I improved my credit score and my wife went from a NA score to a really high one! We got the lender lined up and all we have to do is choose the house. What a great feeling.
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Mr. Humphreys
(August 2016)
Great experience, Credit went from a 608 to 776 in 5 months
Jake S. (10/8/2015)
Steve is the MAANNN!!! He fixed me, I now know how it works and how to maintain this healthy score he helped me achieve!!
Jake R. (12/1/2015)
In my college days I was not very good with my finances…  Since meeting with him 5 months ago I have gone from a 602 score to a 722! I feel like a new man.
Chris H. (11/9/2015)
I went in with a 608 score... 3 months later I am at a healthy 730. Extremely happy with the outcome. He really is the best in Austin
Jimmy H. (10/21/2014)
After a disastrous divorce and an even more disastrous relationship with a new, start-up tech company…..  Then I met Steve Gangey! And he started to give me my life back again. In just over a year, I have gone from the mid 500s to over 700!!!!!!!
Holly S. (4/21/2014)
I just want to say that … Austin Credit Group did a fantastic job cleaning up my credit report ….. He was able to make my credit report squeaky clean in approximately 2.5 months. ….. I highly recommend Austin Credit Group!
Greg W. (10/5/2013)
Thanks to Steve, I was able to get my life back !!!! After going through a divorce and the loss of income due to the recession, my credit was in bad shape. ….. Due to my experience, I highly recommend going to Austin Credit Group! I am very grateful for what he has done to help me. If you have credit problems or even any doubts / questions, GO SEE STEVE !
Keith P. (7/23/2014)
I recently hired Steve to repair my credit after years of trying to on my own. Soon after I hired him, my credit score began to climb until I had gained more than 100 points. After that happen, I refinanced my car to a lower interest rate. The savings will more than QUADRUPLE what Steve charged me. That's 4X my investment. As a financial advisor, I can tell you that is a FANTASTIC return.
Big D. (7/30/2014)
After moving here from Canada, I had what they call a "thin file" meaning I had no bad credit but I didn't have any good credit either. I wasn't even able to get a credit card at first. Steve has helped me out and I have worked all the way up to buying a house. Thanks for your help Austin Credit Group!
Betty M. (7/25/2014)
After a messy divorce, I thought my credit issues was a mess due to my ex and trying to survive after. Steve found I was carrying the bad reports and judgements of several other people. He had those removed and worked very hard to get me back to a good rating. Thank you Steve!
Jake B. (3/18/2015)
… When I started out my credit score was very poor and I was a high risk for lenders, which meant it was impossible for me to get a loan for anything. Now 5 months later my score has jumped up 117 points and still climbing each month.  If you’re in need of credit repair, you’re crazy if you don't choose Austin Credit Group to help you get your credit back in order. Steve you’re awesome thanks for all your help.