Shawn R. (11/9/2013)
If you don't use Steve for your credit problems u are nuts!!!

He is straight forward and gets you the results you want, and is very reasonably priced.

Niles A. (7/12/2017)
Professional. Results driven. Affordable. Steve is simply the MAN!

My wife and I wanted to buy a house. That was the goal. My credit needed improvement and my wife- well, she grew up paying cash for everything thus she had a N/A credit score.
We met with Steve and instantly liked him. He is very nice and calls it how it is. Through his system, I improved my credit score and my wife went from a NA score to a really high one! We got the lender lined up and all we have to do is choose the house. What a great feeling. I was nervous about dealing with my and my wife's credit. It's something you just want to put off. NO, face the fact that your credit score is the MOST IMPORTANT factor when buying a house. I called him randomly throughout the process and he always took my call with a smile. You need a good credit score and Steve is the man to help you. Call him and you'll be thankful you did! Thank you, Steve!

Jesse A.
A year ago I thought I would never own a home because of my credit. I closed last month. If you do exactly what Steve tells you, you will improve your credit dramatically.

Nicholas S. (3/10/2017)
I could give him 10 stars I would. I called to make an appointment for credit counseling. I don't have enough of a credit base and needed some help in increasing my score in preparation for my first mortgage. Steve answered and instead of making an appointment, proceeded to give me invaluable advice and tips on how to achieve my goals. He was charming, polite, patient and beyond helpful. He could have easily had me come in and charge me but was kind and generous and helped me.

Customer service is obviously #1 and I am forever grateful. Thank you, Steve.

Travis J. (Feb-2017)
I am usually not one to write reviews but this is one Company I must. Steve is very honest told me exactly what can be done and could not. He was very understanding and explaining detail by detail. With his knowledge and patience, he will help you with your goals. I highly recommend him and his company.

Mike T. (1/3/2017)
Steve gave me advice about what to do with the negative marks currently on my credit. He also gave me great advice on building the credit I already have. I'll be recommending him to anyone I know needing his services.

Dennis Y (October 2016)
Steve went above and beyond to help me. He is real and took interest in my problems.  His advice was great and best of all he did not charge me for his advice. If you are looking for help see Steve. and buy the way I called and did know me from Adam.

Anthony S. (09/12/2016)
Steve has done a great job helping navigate the complex and murky backwaters of creditors and the bureaus.  Thanks again!

Mr. Humphreys (August 2016)
Great experience, Credit went from a 608 to 776 in 5 months

Lacynica M. (August 2016)
Steve is awesome! He's a straight shooter, no nonsense type of guy. Very intelligent, knows the business, and very helpful. He's the first person to actually deliver on the promise of driving my credit score up. I used credit repair company before going to Austin Credit Group and wasted a bunch of money.  I am so blessed to have found Steve and the Austin Credit Group. Definitely recommend leveraging his services.

Jesse P.  (July 2016)
Steve is a great help.   At no cost to me he looked at my problem, and advised me on some issues. However, when my problem exceeded his (no one can solve it but cash actually), he did not take my money, yet i know he did some research and work on my behalf. 

Steve  is a real guy  who seemed to not judge me on my past mistakes,  and only focused on helping make better ones now,  and improve my credit report.  If you need help, i highly recommend you call him. 

Phil S.  (August 2016)
Steve at ACG was absolutely wonderful in helping me resolve my credit issue.  He was very prompt and courteous and my situation was handled in record time.

I recommend Steve and the folks at Austin Credit Group to anyone in need of help with their credit issues.

Josue M. (1/23/2016)
The past year, I've been getting all my ducks in a row in preparation to purchase a home this Spring. I finally got to the point where my credit score ranged from a 788 to a 805. Then came Macy's and screwed up those plans. Long story short: I switched over to paperless billing and never received a bill (not even in the spam folder). The last 4 months,  I had paid off 5 accounts, so I naturally assumed the $78 balance on that account was one of them. I tried to resolve it with their credit department, but with no success. 

I called Austin Credit Group the following day and spoke to Steve. Steve shot me straight. Rather than lie and take my money, he was honest about my situation...that nothing could be done.  I greatly appreciate his honesty. I know there are others that would lie just to make a quick buck. 

By the end of our conversation, I had a better understanding of the do's and don't over my situation. He also emailed me updated information about interest rates on mortgages based on credit scores (since mine took a significant hit). He gave me even more advice about the home buying process and how lenders and underwriters work. I thought I did my research on the home buying process, but Steve was an encyclopedia of information. I can't emphasis enough how knowledgeable and helpful this man is. Give his company a call before you bother with anyone else.

Angaleen C. (6/30/2016)
Steve is amazing! Not only did he fix my credit but I send all of my clients his way! I've always been impressed with how quick he is to respond but with how fast he can turn your credit around!

Oliver H. (5/28/2016)
Amazing results after only 2.5 years!

This is my second review of Austin Credit Group. My first was in January 2014 after my first visit.

I once tried utilizing a company in helping me to improve and repair my credit that was in bad shape due to two major job (career) losses and a certain level of ignorance about simple financial rules that I was still possessing.
That first attempt (bad experience) instilled a mistrust in financial advising companies until I found Steve of Austin Credit Group.

I have been a client of Steve's since the end of 2013 and only had to visit with him two times so far.
Steve enabled me to lose that ignorance by educating me and showing me how easy it is to improve one's situation with a little patience and financial knowledge and discipline.

His program worked flawlessly, and within 2.5 years I went from not creditworthy anymore at all to looking into buying my first house.

His reviews and following advice are worth every penny of his very reasonable fee.

He is sincere, professional, straight forward and trustworthy.
He looks at your financial situation with a magnifying glass, dissects it and gives you advice on every crucial point of your history and how you can rectify it.

The best part is that he teaches you how the financial system works.
Obviously, you can teach yourself how the credit system works, but he is the catalyst distilling the essentials for his clients to avoid the process of trial and error and subsequently losing valuable time in your life to get to your financial goals.

Moreover, he goes above and beyond his advertised services by letting you take advantage of his established contacts.
He made phone calls on the spot on my behalf to the right people that could give us accurate answers quickly and make changes to current accounts so we could move forward to the next steps with the credit improvement plan.

I endorse him with full confidence and can ensure everybody who is employing his services that it is going to help their financial future in as little time as possible time if they follow his advice.

The key is not to expect changed overnight.
If you follow Steve's advice and change your financial behavior according to the rules he is laying out for you, his program works.

And by the way, he is a very pleasant person and fun to work with too :)

Thank you, Steve, you made a tremendous difference in my life.

Jake S.
Steve is the MAANNN!!! He fixed me, I now know how it works and how to maintain this healthy score he helped me achieve!!

Thanks Steve!!

Jake R. (12/1/2015)
In my college days I was not very good with my finances. I was the classic idiot who got a credit card and charged it up thinking "next month" I'll pay it off. Not to mention old student loans that got lost between my dad and I. At its lowest point my credit score was 520. So when I finally got serious about addressing my credit problems I searched for "credit advisor", but the only thing google returns are credit consolidation companies (scams) or personal financial planners (irrelevant). I wanted someone who knew all the credit laws, tips and tricks. Someone who could look at my report and tell me my options. ALL MY OPTIONS - not just "pay them back plus interest".

Finally, I found Steve at Austin Credit Group. He is literally one-of-a-kind. There isn't a single comparable service like this (in all my searches). For just $99 he sat down with me for an hour, looked at all three of my credit reports and told me what the situation was. He revealed things to me that I never knew about credit (and how messed up the system is). We looked at each negative item on my report and he advised me on the best way to handle it. Surprisingly, sometimes it's NOT in your best interest to pay back a creditor (the credit system is jacked)!

He definitely had my best interest in mind - so much so that at the end of our session there was no up-sell for his premium services. Instead he gave me a wealth of information on how to build new good credit, and most importantly, magical tips on how to boost my credit score. Since meeting with him 5 months ago I have gone from a 602 score to a 722! I feel like a new man.

Go to Steve! He's a real nice guy and a straight shooter. He will hold no judgements over your past decisions. He just wants to get your scores up.

Mohammed M. (1/17/2015)
All the comments on this page are pretty accurate. Steve is very knowledgeable and extremely nice and his fees are very reasonable I would use him again and again and again. Mohammad

Chris H. (11/9/2015)
I went in with a 608 score. Steve spent good amount of time educating me on how the credit system works and what I could do to bump up my score. 3 months later I am at a healthy 730. Extremely happy with the outcome. He really is the best in Austin

Lee H. (10/13/2015)
We would like to thank Steve for opening our eyes to understand how the credit system works. He really helped out a lot. He's smart and humorous which made it so comfortable to be around and learn. We are so thankful for the knowledge he has provided us with, in taking our credit score to above and beyond. If you're ever looking into getting fixing your credit, we highly recommend Austin Credit Group! You won't be disappointed.

Andrew N. (6/11/2015)
Let me be clear - this is credit IMPROVEMENT, not repair.

Having recently moved to the US i find myself in the unfortunate position of having what is known in the industry as a 'thin credit file'.  I understand - FICO doesn't know me or my credit history from foreign soil so why would they give me a great score?

I sat down with Steve and we put together a plan.  He showed me where I was currently going wrong, when I need to get credit card balances below a certain amount so I start showing positive behavior, as well as a plan to develop a deeper and more varied credit history.  I now know how essential it is to show financial institutions I'm a viable candidate for credit.

With Steve's two-pronged approach, my credit is improving.  This will save me thousands in the long run when it comes to those big future purposes.  If you have no, or bad, credit - do yourself a favor: get checked out by Steve!  I have no doubt he WILL save you money no matter what your current situation.

Jimmy H. (10/21/2014)
After a disastrous divorce and an even more disastrous relationship with a new, start-up tech company, my credit had gone from first to worst. I had even gone through some Chapter 13 proceedings.
Then I met Steve Gangey! And he started to give me my life back again. In just over a year, I have gone from the mid-500s to over 700!!!!!!!
I know a lot about the reputation of "credit repair " companies, and they all live up to their reputations as a bunch of slimy criminals. But Steve is the REAL DEAL!  His methods are no magic bullet or financial trickery. They are slow, precise, effective and 100% totally legal. As one of his "patients" I committed to doing exactly what he prescribed, and even though I was not a completely compliant "patient" it still worked, and by January of 2015 (in just over 2 months), I expect to have finally been restored to AAA credit rating.

And you know what? It did NOT cost me an arm and a leg! Steve's fees are incredibly reasonable and after the initial setup, are all based on the results he is getting. Every time I give him a check for his fees, I do so with great joy, because it represents yet one more derogatory line he has removed from my credit history.
And the other great thing about Steve is that he makes it completely clear that he is 100% on YOUR side.

Many of us are burdened with a great amount of shame and embarrassment about our financial difficulties. But never once with Steve was I embarrassed or ashamed. He seems to have no judgement whatsoever, and is interested only in what he can do to give us our lives back after getting into difficulties.

If you have experienced any credit difficulties, please, please, please go and see Steve Gangey. I promise you that you will NOT be disappointed. As I said, he really is the real deal.
Jimmy Horowitz
Taylor, Texas.

Taryn H (10/2/2014)
Just got off the phone with Steve. I've been paranoid that the dirty work of some false claims a few years ago from Bank of America had hurt my credit. He provided me with some wildly valuable information and spent a good deal of time with me even though he told me I did not need to hire him for his Credit Repair services because my score was already high enough and the time frame was diminishing on it making a difference to contest the notes. I really appreciated his honesty and encouragement to keep doing what we're doing.

He also broke down a few mistakes that we've made along the way... namely cancelling our B of A account (in a haste after they proved to be the worst company ever). This apparently was not the best idea.

Steve provided us with some resources for increasing the score for my husband (who has a short credit history because he's only been living in the US for 7 years)

He also does consulting with investors with real estate so we look forward to working with him sometime in the future on these services. Steve seems to be extremely well connected and genuinely cares about making people more aware. If we ever had a problem, we would hire him in an instant.

Jake B. (3/18/2015)
Steve has been helping me with credit repair for the past 5 months. In that time Steve has been able to remove numerous derogatory and delinquent accounts on my credit reports. When I started out my credit score was very poor and I was a high risk for lenders, which meant it was impossible for me to get a loan for anything. Now 5 months later my score has jumped up 117 points and still climbing each month.  If your in need of credit repair, your crazy if you don't choose Austin Credit Group to help you get your credit back in order. Steve your awesome thanks for all your help.

Betty M. (7/25/2014)
After a messy divorce, I thought my credit issues was a mess due to my ex and trying to survive after. Steve found I was carrying the bad reports and judgements of several other people. He had those removed and worked very hard to get me back to a good rating. Thank you Steve!

Michael B. (4/23/2014)
We were a little hesitant about going with Steve and his group because of all the horror stories we heard about from friends and the media of credit repair companies. He is an honest person and not out to jack you up for maximum profit and do nothing for you. He is very true to his word and knowledgeable when it comes to helping folks get their credit lives back together. I am in much better shape in 2 months and my wife's is coming along nicely. It will take some time and discipline on your part, because the credit bureaus work slow in posting upgraded scores. If you have trust in this group they will help you.
Grateful customers,
Michael and Sharon B.

Blake H. (9/26/2012)
Steve Gangey took my credit from 585 to 630 in only 3 months! I am now able to get approved for credit at many places that prior to using Steve's services I could not get credit from.

I am so thankful to Steve and what he has done for me and my family. The rates he charged are very fair and affordable.

I recommend Austin Credit group to everyone!!!

Donna M. (7/25/2014)
When my husband and I had questions about our credit and becoming ready to purchase a house, we talked to Steve at Austin Credit Group. He gave us a lot of information and suggestions on how to improve our scores so when we apply for a mortgage, we'll have a better interest rate.

Steve's helpfulness and extensive knowledge made it easy to ask questions, and he gave us answers that we understood. I highly recommend Austin Credit Group for all credit repair needs!

David M. (9/15/2010) {Please note this was one-month after ACG was born.}
I called Steve because a friend of mine said he could help me with buying a house, except I had one little blemish on my credit report. Well it didn't take long and we were approved for a loan with a better rate then when we first started out with the mortgage company. And now we are living in a home in a good neighborhood instead of renting in the old bad neighborhood.

Thanks, Steve, for all your hard work.

Jeffrey B. (7/25/2014)
I have worked with Steve at Austin Credit Group on our personal credit and found him to be informative and I have found his advice to be well thought out. Having been approached by numerous others in his industry, I find Steve's approach toward credit building to be constructive toward building our personal and business credit without setting unrealistic expectations.

Steve's integrity and honesty are what I like most about doing business with him and I am personally looking forward to having a long-term relationship with his company as our business grows.

Big D. (7/30/2014)
After moving here from Canada, I had what they call a "thin file" meaning I had no bad credit but I didn't have any good credit either. I wasn't even able to get a credit card at first. Steve has helped me out and I have worked all the way up to buying a house. Thanks for your help Austin Credit Group!

UPDATED (8/21/2014)
I was excited to learn they have new software that is supposed to get my credit score even higher!

Zach B. (7/25/2014)
I'm a young guy (23). I had never had my credit looked at since I have never had a credit card and have virtually no debit. I met Steve at a networking group and carved out sometime to meet with him. He was very informative and consultative. He helped me understand how credit works and the importance of creating it now.

I recommend Steve for anyone who wants to learn more about their personal credit or how credit works!

Keith P. (7/23/2014)
I recently hired Steve to repair my credit after years of trying to on my own. Soon after I hired him, my credit score began to climb until I had gained more than 100 points. After that happen, I refinanced my car to a lower interest rate. The savings will more than QUADRUPLE what Steve charged me. That's 4X my investment. As a financial advisor, I can tell you that is a FANTASTIC return.

Also, as a financial advisor, I can say that you should totally hire Steve to help you fix your credit. It just makes sense!

Michael B. (4/23/2014)
We were a little hesitant about going with Steve and his group because of all the horror stories we heard about from friends and the media of credit repair companies. He is an honest person and not out to jack you up for maximum profit and do nothing for you. He is very true to his word and knowledgeable when it comes to helping folks get their credit lives back together. I am in much better shape in 2 months and my wife's is coming along nicely. It will take some time and discipline on your part, because the credit bureaus work slow in posting upgraded scores. If you have trust in this group they will help you. Grateful customers, Michael and Sharon B.

Oliver H. (1/2/2014)
Steve's approach to credit repair is straight forward and trustworthy.

His price was reasonable, and after he pretty much saw that there weren't any other steps to take beyond the advice he gave me on how to reestablish credit, he didn't attempt to engage me in any of his other services, because it simply wasn't necessary in his opinion.

His explanations were easy to understand and logical, and made me feel that he really cared about helping me.

He seems to be educated and experienced and created a good, no-pressure atmosphere.

I appreciated his demeanor and his friendly, personable approach. This was a very positive and great experience.

Thank you, Steve, I am and will recommend you to people in need of your kind of service.

Greg W. (10/5/2013) Included in a Blog Post
Thanks to Steve, I was able to get my life back!!!! After going through a divorce and the loss of income due to the recession, my credit was in bad shape. I was referred to Austin Credit Group to see what could be done to get it back where it once was. After reviewing my credit reports (thought I knew how and what I was reading) he gave me some news that completely shocked me. There was a huge amount (I thought was resolved in the divorce) that was in collections and about to ruin my finances and credit for good. After getting my stomach back to where it belonged, Steve explained what my only option was, Bankruptcy! I never had even considered that to be an option. After explaining what would happen and that I was only the second or third person that he had ever had to go this route with, he referred me to an attorney. When the bankruptcy was finalized, I returned to see Steve. He mapped out a course of action to get my credit back on track. I have since raised my scores considerably! If it wasn't for Steve, I would have been in a financial disaster for the rest of my life. Due to my experience, I highly recommend going to see Steve at Austin Credit Group! I am very grateful for what he has done to help me. If you have credit problems or even any doubts / questions, GO SEE STEVE!

Ben B. (5/29/2014)
Ben B, Construction Project Manager in the Austin area:

Good day to all, it's been my pleasure through (Big Austin) a provider to attend Credit 101. This class was taught by Mr. Steve Gangey, who I now refer to as the King of Credit Repair.

Steve provided fundamental, essential and advance guidance regarding the utilization, maintenance and repair of personnel and business credit.

Steve and I are Veterans, Steve indicated he would provide a discount for all who served in our nation's military, I must say this was a very fine educational experience and if you're in need you should contact Steve before you do anything else!!!

The above statement / endorsement is proudly provided without compensation of any type…

Trevor Z. (7/24/2014)
Austin Credit Group is by far the most thorough and effective credit improvement business operating in central Texas. Steve is a very compassionate, and intelligent individual who really takes the time to get to know his clients, and their needs. His in-depth credit review truly opened my eyes to the world of credit improvement.

Having spoken with many so-called credit repair agencies out there, I can honestly say none compare to the services and results Steve offers. If you have a need for shockingly effective credit improvement, do yourself a favor and give Steve a call. He will not only improve your credit standing, but he offers an education in credit that is absolutely priceless.

Thanks to Steve, my wife and I will be refinancing our house, and realizing tremendous savings for years to come! I am an extremely satisfied client!

Jayden A. (9/6/2015)
Still awesome. I can't believe how well this credit repair worked! If anyone tells you credit repair doesn't work, tell them it depends on the expert who is doing it.

It works. Steve is very diligent, and pushes me to do what I need to do on my end, like getting him updated reports. But, that's's working.  Great little company, and really nice people.

Jayden A. (5/3/2013) (initial)
Hey Y'all...

I guess some people are embarrassed to admit they've been in credit repair, so most credit repair companies have few reviews. Such a shame because it's tough to find a really good credit repair company. I have run across a couple in my time, and have much respect for those companies. HOWEVER, my husband, who is a Realtor, has been raving about this guy Steve at Austin Credit Group. "Steve is so knowledgeable. Steve knows about a lot more than just credit repair. Steve can get your credit fixed and also knows all about real estate... blah blah" I rarely listen to my husband :-) but finally I listened and called Steve today.

WOW!! He knows a lot about a LOT. Not "just" credit repair, but the whole enchilada.... how it relates to real estate and desired purchasing of real estate, all the new laws, how to get it done fast and relatively inexpensively, and even gave me a referral for exactly the kind of attorney I need to handle some personal real estate business. I'm impressed. Really nice guy, too... funny and personable and down to earth.

So, going to use Austin Credit Group to fix a couple little issues and going to follow up on all the pointers he gave me, and that's before I even got started with credit repair.

Will check back after a few months with an update.

Holly S. (4/21/2014)

I just want to say that Steve from Austin Credit Group did a fantastic job cleaning up my credit report which was not an easy task. I am in the process of becoming a home owner which would have never been possible without Steve's help. He is a wealth of information on simple strategies to raise my credit score. He also gave me advice to give my children on building their credit scores. Steve is up front with you from the get go. There are no hidden fees. I was also impressed on how he looks out for his client’s safety by creating a Dropbox to share documents. Steve does not take any risks when sharing documents that contain sensitive information. He delivers what he says. It's not too price y either. He was able to make my credit report squeaky clean in approximately 2.5 months. Steve and his wife, Carol are very, friendly, punctual, down to earth people. I highly recommend Austin Credit Group!

Manuel P. (3/24/2014)
Steve is great he is patient and has a great system to keep you on track in fixing your credit. We ended up discovering my credit was in good shape and he did not try to charge me for additional items. He even gave me an outline of how I could further build up my credit. I will be recommending him to my friends and family.

Matthew P. (1/18/2014)
great experience, if you want a one on one approach call Steve! I called him with beginner questions, and hand holding he didn't make me feel unimportant or not worth his time. As he explains on his web site you get lots of his time for his initial fee. I only got the consultation, Steve said I could do all the rest on my own so I didn't sign up for any more service.

Which brings me to my next point, i'm going to try and deal directly with RJM Acquisitions one nasty collector. If you are targeted by them get on it quick check out the review's lost of people say they are criminal.

Or call Steve fast to help you, he will do you right.

I G. (9/18/2013)
Our experience with ACG has completely exceeded our expectations. Steve is extremely knowledgeable in the area of good financial practices, consumer rights related to credit and of course knows what it will take to repair poor credit. It would have taken us months if not years to build his wealth of knowledge which of course makes his service extremely valuable.

He always took the time to explain the process we were going through. He never made crazy promises to us and was completely frank through the entire process. We appreciated that his business model is built on charging AFTER the work is done (with only a small set up fee).

It is evident he is passionate about what he does and has a real heart to educate people on the subject.

Scott F. (4/6/2013)
Professional, knowledgeable, up to date and in tune with current situations. I highly recommend consulting Steve Gangey on matters concerning credit and debt.

Kristi S. (9/5/2012)
I would highly recommend Austin Credit Group for any concerns you have with your credit.  I had one issue that Steve reviewed.  He took the time to explain to me the process.  Not only did he review the issue I mentioned, he took the time to review my entire report and inform me of other issues.  This was all at no cost to me.  It was refreshing to find a company who would review your case BEFORE charging you money.  Steve is fantastic!  Call Steve before you do anything with your credit!  He will help you!